Floating Boats in the Rain

I have visions of racing boats down the water as a child, I have no idea if these are memories or just visions, but it is certainly something that says 'childhood' to me.

I've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to introduce my kids to such a simple but exhilarating activity, and the other day was it.  We got drenched getting home from another outing, it had been raining heavily so there was plenty of water rushing down the street but it wasn’t raining too heavy, and as I said – we were wet already.
I grabbed some plastic boats and off we went.  The kids were so excited with the first attempt that unfortunately we lost two down the storm water drain, which led to many tears.  But when I magically produced some more boats we started on take two – a little further up from the drain this time!

The kids loved racing alongside the boats then putting their hands down to create a dam and stop the boats, and just pretty much playing in the water and rain being kids.
After the camera started getting drenched and the squeals of delight turned into chattering teeth we headed indoors for a warm bath and warm clothes – and agreed we would do it again as soon as we could.


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