Crawl Baby Crawl!!

Crawl Baby Crawl!!

Oh… I can’t wait for you to stop crawling…. Oh NO! Wait. I take that back!!

Does this sound familiar?

Sometimes, I have this tiresome habit to wish for my little ones to rush through their stages of development. All out of my selfish reasons. Not because I want them to grow up fast, but because I want a full night sleep, and I want them to understand what I am saying and respond to my request, in order to keep the house tidy, and so that I can get out of the house in time. Does this sound familiar? Lol

But some stages are so very important, such as crawling. 

There are two dividing scientific schools on crawling.

Some say that it is essential for future learning to go through the process of crawling. This being the first vital step of neuro-development. It develops their strength of their arms and legs for future walking, jumping, and running, and strengthens their little muscles in their hands and fingers. While crawling, babies also practice balance and interpret space around them.  For the first time, they are negotiating pathways, or where and how they want to get from A to B while practising their eyesight. How far is that toy or mama? With all of this, they are making those first crucial decisions, which in turn build self-confidence. The longer they practice this activity, the better they are in all of the above.  

However, there are others who argue, that theory of ‘crawling is important’ is a myth, and that no scientific studies show a link that children who skip the crawling stage have difficulties learning. 

Regardless of all of the above. I see this stage so important for me. As soon as the little crawlers start walking, you find them scavenging around places, which while they were crawlers couldn’t reach. You find them climbing on top of the couches, and TV cabinets, getting into the pantry and throwing out all that they can reach. 

One benefit of the late crawler is that they are more aware of when you say NO! and STOP! From the top of your lungs as you lunge across the room to catch them. 

So really, parents, crawling is a short stage of your babies development, so extend it as much as possible to make it easier on yourself! 

Mira Sarac

MotherPassionate about the working of the relationships with ourselves and others. Absorbed in the topics about the nature of our psyche and how to be the best version of ourselves. Starting off by being healthy.