Ankle-Biters Shoe Sizing

Babies & Kids 

- Have your child positioned barefoot and upright on a piece of paper allowing for the full spread of the foot in terms of width and length

- When measuring your child's feet always ensure that the foot is fully extended and the toes aren't scrunched up

- Measure the foot from the longest toe to the back of the heel. Make sure you take both feet measurement as one foot might be bigger than the other and use the length of longest foot

- Different brands have different sizing so you should always check the size in centimeters.

All our sizes in cm refer to the inner sole length;

therefore you only have to consider between 5 to 9 mm between your child's measurement and the inner sole length to account for growth and wiggle room

- Some styles that feature an adjustable back strap will allow you to go even 1 cm up (one size up) as they can be adjusted according to the correct length

- We recommend no more than 9 mm for children under the age of 2 as any more can cause them to trip

- Children's feet grow quickly so make sure you check their shoes regularly and every 2 months during their first year and every 3 months up until 3 years of age.

-  Please always refer to the size mentioned in each individual product page

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