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Freestyle Kids @ Green Heart Fair

Freestyle Kids is back at Green Heart Fair in 2015 so we thought we'd put together a snap shot of what we will have on offer - and what is so great about the event!

We will be there showcasing our eco friendly toy ranges and reusable products.

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Green Toys eco-friendly plastic toys

For a long time plastic toys were considered bad for the environment, but we are pleased to bring our customers a new generation of eco-friendly plastic toys. 

Do babies need toys?

I get asked a lot for recommendations for baby toys and I struggle to answer to be honest because I don't really think babies need 'toys'.

Before a baby can sit unassisted, hold something steady in their hand and pass it between each hand they are not really ready for toys as such, and certainly don't need a lot of money spent to entertain them.

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Sewing with kids: Fine Motor Skills
As it turns out, my kids love sewing!  I only stumbled across it by chance when I got in a delivery of kids sewing needles and they both jumped at the chance to have a go. The first activity I did with them was actually paper sewing.  It's so easy to set up and a great starter for kids just learning.  Simply get some sheets of paper and using a felt tip marker make dots or small circles on the sheet where you want the children to poke the needle through, I used a mix of straight lines, zig zags and random dots on the page.  I used wool for our first attempts as I found h..
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How to ditch the plastic toys

Do you want to make a switch to quality open ended wooden toys, but friends and family keep buying you plastic stuff, or do you have a heap of it already and it seems wasteful just to get rid of it??

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