Wooden Memory Game Flags of the World

Wooden Memory Game Flags of the World
Wooden Memory Game Flags of the World
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This quality wooden memory game is great just for a simple game, however it has the added bonus of an educational element because the memory tiles are flags of the world.  24 countries are featured in the game, which is presented in a great wooden box making pack up and playing on the go a breeze.

Ways to play:

  • lay all the wooden tiles out face down and have each child (or a single child) take turns flipping over two tiles.  If the two tiles don't match turn them back over and pick two again until a pair is made.  Collect the pairs until they are all done, and if playing with multiple players the winner is the player with the most pairs at the end.
  • at a younger age simple lay out the tiles face up and have the children match the pairs together.
  • for older children you can get them to learn the country names via the informative sheet included with the set and use the tiles as flash cards getting them to tell you the names of the countries.
  • once older kids have learnt the names of the countries get them to group the tiles alphabetically and/or by continent

It's really a fantastic value for money set that is more than just a game!

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