Green Toys eco-friendly plastic toys

For a long time plastic toys were considered bad for the environment, but we are pleased to bring our customers a new generation of eco-friendly plastic toys. 


Green Toys are made from 100% recycled plastics, contain no metal parts themselves which also means the toys can be recycled, AND all the packaging is 100% recycled materials and recyclable.  I never thought those words would be linked with plastic toys but we are excited about this new range of toys as it brings a dimension to play not previously enjoyed with only wooden toys. 


The main ways these toys will add value to your toy collection are:

  • they are great for water play
  • dishwasher safe (added bonus for early learning environments to make hygiene easier)
  • great for sand, dirt and mud play as you can just rinse them out when finished
  • no metal parts so nothing to go rusty (no metal parts also means the whole toy is recyclable if needed
  • they are made from a strong plastic and will withstand the toughest of play
  • because of the construction method there are no small parts so the age suitability of the toys is generally 6 months or 12 months and upwards, compared to a lot of wooden toys which are rated at 3+

We have enjoyed unpacking them all and can't wait to see the feedback we get.  Click here to see the full range

You can also view a range of you-tube videos on the Green Toys range here

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